Mingaleev G.F.

  1. Name: Mingaleev Gaziz, 1961
  2. Academic degree: Professor, Doctor of Science (Economics), Candidate of science (Engineering)
  3. Official capacity: The head of Industrial economics and management department
  4. Length of work: 35 years
  5. Phone: 8(843)231-00-96
  6. E-mail: kafedra@eupkai.ru


  1. Courses: Marketing of industrial markets, Estimation of innovative potential and innovative activity of economic systems, Actual problems of management, Resource saving economics, Methods and tools of lean production, Organization of production, Environmental management and others.
  2. Courses in GRIAT: Industrial economics and management.
  3. Subjects: Leads the resource efficiency scientific school: material, including energy, non-material, technological, financial and HR. More than 40 projects were implemented in enterprises. Participated and guided variety of significant scientific projects such as Regional Energy resources saving concept and program in Kazan-city (2001), Energy saving program in transport and road facilities (2003), Training and retraining program of top and middle managers in Innovation management, which was awarded a certificate and gold medal at the VII International investments and innovations exhibition (Moscow 2006), Program of implementation a methodology of lean production in Tatarstan Republic (2013), Program lean management for the regions of Russia (2014).
  4. Publications: G. Mingaleev has written more than 130 scientific papers and teaching materials. 3 monographies, 7 text books, 7 Patents and 10 certificates for text books are among them. He leads the postgraduate training at the research laboratory where 10 postgraduates work on their dissertations. He was the scientific adviser of 20 candidates of science in Economics and Management and in Organization of production.
  5. Professional achievements: In 2002 — elected as dean of Managerial and entrepreneurial faculty (now Engineering-economic institute) and in 2005 the head of Industrial economy department at Tupolev Kazan state technical university.

In 2006 by decree of President of Tatarstan Republic was awarded as «The honored scientist of Tatarstan Republic», also was rewarded praising certificate by the Ministry of economics and industry of Tatarstan Republic.

In 2007 – elected as associated member of the Tatarstan Republic Science Academy.

In 2007 – Vice rector of Educational activities at Tupolev Kazan state technical university.

In 2009 – Vice rector for innovative development at Kazan State Technical University, director of Engineering-economic institute, the head of Industrial economy and management department at Tupolev Kazan state technical university.

In 2009 awarded by Investment-venture Fund in the competition «50 best innovational ideas for Republic of Tatarstan» in nomination “Innovations in education” with the project «Forestalling training of specialists: polyprofessional project training».

Since 2009 in accordance with Goverment Order № 524-р 05.04.2010 with support of Ministry of industry and trade actively implements the project «Advanced methods of organization, management and technology of economical production» in home industrial enterprises. Under scientific leadership of G.Mingaleev the program «Advanced methods of organization, management and technology of production», called to help in training and re-training of enterprise personnel on programs of «Industrial Economics» and mentioned in the state report of the president of Tatarstan Republic.

Since 2010 — a member of the Presidium of Russian didactic center in the field of industrial management in Saint Petersburg and the head of Industrial economics and management department at Kazan national research university (KNRTU-KAI).

By Russian Federation Presidential Decree of Vladimir Putin №1230 from 31.08.2012 «On conferring state awards of the Russian Federation» for achievements in scientific and pedagogical activity and great contribution to the training of qualified specialists was awarded the honorary title «Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation».

By Tatarstan Republic President Decree № УП-1126 from 10.12.2014 «On award of state awards in the field of science and technology» was awarded the title «Prize-holder of state award in the field of science and technology».

  1. International activity: G.Mingaleev is a prize-winner of doctor’s stipend Deutsher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), 1995. He had a scientific probation at Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg in the field of logistics/flexible production (Hamburg). G.Mingaleev is a holder of Governmental Grant of Republic of Tatarstan. In 2007 he had a study in Hult International Business School and Suffolk University (Boston, USA). Also there were short-termed studies in the field of Lean production in Japan (Toyota, Subaru, Sho Logistics, Yokohama) and Germany (DASA, Man) presentation of educational projects in the universities of Germany (Stuttgart, Мunich, Darmschtadt, Hannover), The University of applied sciences «FONTIS» Eindhoven, Holland and probation at didactical centers in Switzerland (University of Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, University of St. Gallen, Swiss Center of Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education (OAQ)) and Germany (Ludwig Maximilians University Munich).

As a member of international consortium (higher schools of Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Russia) was awarded the grant «Advanced master programs in the field of environmental management» Tempus IV (159305-TEMPUS-1-2009-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPCR (2009-4660/001-001)), being the project executive coordinator of university.

With the support of the Russian Ministry of Transport and Government of Tatarstan Republic the International Transport and Logistics Forum «The creation and development of a unified international transport and logistics system: Perspectives and Realities» was held in Kazan (2013).

In 2014 the project team of the Industrial economics and management department of KNRTU-KAI, under the guidance of prof. Mingaleev won grant of internship at Autonomous University of Barcelona, “Polytechnico” University of Catalunia and University of Vic in “Research methods of increasing the efficiency of the enterprises organization and management” program (2014).

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